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Vampire Diaries Gets Picked Up for Full Season

Vampire DiariesOctober 21, 2009

As if we didn't see this coming! The CW has just ordered a full season of their hit show The Vampire Diaries, which had the highest premiere show of any show on the network. It's also the CW's highest rated show period.
Same can't be said for Melrose Place, which only got five more episodes added to their lineup for now. Melrose isn't doing so hot. In fact, it's just a little higher than The Beautiful Life's ratings, which already got canned after just two episodes.

Despite the poor ratings, the CW has decided to hang on to Melrose 2.0 for now, only because it brings publicity for them. Maybe they'll finally get the needed boost when Heather Locklear returns to the show.

But one thing's for sure—vampires are still hot! The bloodsucking seems to be gaining momentum by the minute, and now we can sit back and relax knowing a full season of Vampire Diaries is in store.

Source: www.hollyscoop.com