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Shakira Visiting «Wizard of Waverly Place»

ShakiraDecember 08, 2009

«It's a very interesting episode,» Shakira says of her guest starring appearance, adding that she will be playing herself but not quite. Shakira makes a stop on "Wizards of Waverly Place" and she has even shot her part. The Colombian singer is a guest star on the Disney Channel show as one of Uncle Kelbo's creations.

"Shakira doesn't really exist. She's one of Kelbo's creations. It's a complicated thing," Shakira says on the set of the show.

Asked by Access Hollywood whether she's acting or performing, Shakira says with a laugh "I'm acting. I'm actually making fun of myself. I had a great time on set, it was so fun." Speaking further about her acting career, she jokes that she thinks it would be the first time and the last time she's seen acting.

Shakira praises the cast of the comedy show, saying that Selena Gomez is "a good, talented artist" and "has a great voice". There is no date yet set as the premiere of the episode featuring Shakira. However, it would be part of the third season which is airing every Fridays.

Selena recently told TV Guide that her character Alex Russo will be in love for the first time. "We are on Season 3 right now, so we have a lot more magic," she said. "My character, Alex, has a lot of growing to do and she falls in love for the first time."

Source: www.aceshowbiz.com