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Behind-the-Scene of Lil Wayne's «On Fire» Music Video

Lil WayneDecember 25, 2009

Lil Wayne is rocking with his band in the footage taken from the filming of his «On Fire» music video which is directed by Chris Robinson. After teased through a slew of pictures, Lil Wayne's "On Fire" music video is made available for peek through an on-set clip which features the rapper bringing his guitar and jamming with his band. Its music video is directed by Chris Robinson and will be premiered sometime soon.

Produced by Cool & Dre, "On Fire" is confirmed to be included in Weezy's first rock-themed album "Rebirth". The song samples Amy Holland's "She's on Fire" which serves a soundtrack for 1983 film "Scarface".

"He's talking about a chick that's on fire," Dre recently told MTV about the track. "He's on his knees praying to the Lord to keep him clear because she's on fire. He's got a bad one! She's that bad that's she might have came straight outta hell." Commenting on the forthcoming music video, he said, "I think the video would be outrageous."

"Rebirth" itself was recently pushed back from December to February 1, 2010. However, 500 copies of the albums reportedly have been prematurely shipped off to Amazon costumers before the retailer could call them back following the album's postponement.

Source: www.aceshowbiz.com