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Akon Concert In Australia Marred By Violence

Pitbull and AkonOctober 28, 2009

A concert featuring Akon and T-Pain in Melbourne, Australia was marred by violence on Monday (October 26), when several fights broke out, resulting in 18 people being injured. According to reports, 50 people tried to storm into the concert, being held at Melbourne Park, but were stopped prompting a violent reaction.

Security guards and concertgoers clashed in and outside the show, resulting in several injuries. Of the 18 people reportedly injured, eight had to be transported to a nearby hospital.

"They were all men aged between 22 and 54," said Ambulance Victoria spokesperson, Paul Bentley. "They were all suffering cuts and bruising, some of them had to be given some pain relief."

As the fights were going on, Akon jumped into the crowd in an attempt to calm things down. Fans lifted the singer onto their shoulders, so he could make an announcement.

"Check this out, right! Give me two seconds," he said to crowd. "I don't know if ya'll know how hard it took me to get here. It took me almost two years for Australia to let me back in the country and I am not going to let them f*** up our concert tonight!"

One man was arrested and questioned by police in connection with the violence.

Akon is currently on tour throughout the country. A video of the singer jumping into the crowd is below.

Source: www.ballerstatus.com