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Paris Hilton — Shades Hit Las Vegas

Paris HiltonOctober 06, 2009

Paris Hilton has begun to market something she cannot live without - her sunglasses. Hilton took her line of sunglasses to the International Vision Expo in Las Vegas, declaring: "I’m very excited to be here at the Expo for the sunglasses." She added that a "huge fashion show" was to follow at the Hard Rock Hotel, along with a full weekend's worth of parties.

She said: "I try to come here at least once a month. It’s just so much fun and, I don’t know, I just love the energy here and have the best time. I just love Vegas. It’s like Disneyland for kids – no, for not kids, for adults." Paris Hilton was also set to model her shades with models on the catwalk and showcase her signature brand clothing, swimwear, shoes, purses and accessories.

"I have 16 different brands. I do it everything, I do sunglasses, clothes, lingerie, purses, shoes, hair extensions, hair products.

I do bed sheets, I do scrap-booking, I do everything." For the sunglasses venture, she has partnered with a company called Gripping Eyewear.

"It’s very exciting, I’ve always loved wearing sunglasses since I was a little girl so it’s exciting to extend my brand even more and add sunglasses to it."

Source: www.nationalledger.com

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