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Brad Pitt Recognized For Green Housing Efforts

Brad PitttSeptember 26, 2009

At the Clinton Global Initiative summit, Brad Pitt was given an award for his green housing efforts in New Orleans.
The Clinton Global Initiative is an annual event started by former President Bill Clinton that discusses solutions to climate change, poverty, global health, and education.

According to the BBC, at the Global Initiative summit in New York, Brad Pitt was presented with an award by the US Green Building Council for his efforts in a green housing project in New Orleans.

His Make it Right organization has built 13 homes in New Orleans, and the actor’s goal is to have 150 homes up by next year. His foundation has created «the largest and greenest single family community in the world,»according to the plaque he received. The houses built by Make it Right have environmentally smart features like green roofs, which will cut the costs of heating and also help keep houses cooler in the summers.

Brad Pitt and his wife, Angelina Jolie, also have a house in New Orleans, where they often stay with their family to check in on the progress of the construction.

Source: www.thecelebritycafe.com